Education Projects

BENNETT Consulting provides a broad suite of customized higher education solutions in various countries around the world. BENNETT works with clients to:

  • Conduct analyses and develop strategies to differentiate from the competition.
  • Develop strategic plans for continued improvement and growth.
  • Build curricula to meet the accreditation standards and requirements of host countries.
  • Create customized educational programs to meet labor market needs.
  • Expand diploma programs to baccalaureate programs.
  • Expand baccalaureate programs to MBA and other graduate degrees.
  • Create vocational schools in emerging markets.

Selected case studies are detailed below

Engaged by a university creating a new baccalaureate program

  • Surveyed top schools in the United States and Europe to create a best-practices framework for the program.
  • Benchmarked new curriculum against top global programs to ensure program was current and dynamic in its teachings.
  • Developed full suite of individual courses to create program, spanning multiple majors and educational disciplines.
  • Designed course goals and learning outcomes and aligned curriculum to ensure goals and outcomes were achieved through the program.

Submitted new courses to client and working toward full integration and implementation into overall academic structure.

Engaged by a university seeking to expand its curriculum to better differentiate its product offering and compete more effectively in the marketplace

  • Worked with Ministry representatives to understand local accreditation and licensing requirements and tailored academic curriculum to meet those needs.
  • Conducted market research to examine educational landscape to determine areas for potential program expansion.
  • Created courses for graduates specifically designed to meet local labor market needs.
  • Customized programs to meet specific cultural and legal needs of host country.
  • Focused on more dynamic structure though addition of Western concepts such as internship programs, emphasis on leadership and practical real-world skills.

Client approved and expanded program allowing for improved competitive positioning and greater enrollment.

Engaged by an emerging market foundation to create a series of vocational schools to meet the changing needs of the country

  • Developed feasibility study and business plan to determine the educational needs of potential students and the labor industry demand for vocational school graduates.
  • Developed financial plan for school demonstrating strong free cash flow generation and self-financing expansion plans.
  • Consulted with local industry leaders to ensure curriculum would produce market-ready graduates with the necessary academic and professional skills to succeed in the workplace.
  • Differentiated program from local competitors through focus on English language proficiency, professionalism and technical knowledge.
  • Created short list of potential Western partners interested in program co-development and information sharing through curriculum, faculty and student exchange.

Program approved by client for development with expected school opening in early 2013.

Engaged by an international university to develop an MBA curriculum competitive with Western programs

  • Surveyed the competitive landscape to determine alternative market offerings, student needs and labor market demand.
  • Identified a market opportunity for an innovative MBA curriculum that was customized with local market trends.
  • Structured several products to meet evident demand – part-time, full-time and executive MBA programs as well as customized MBA programs for local corporations.
  • Partnered with local businesses and NGOs to create internship programs that provide students with real-world experiences and guarantee placement of students at graduation.
  • Developed an alumni tracking system and network to help connect current students with graduates in the business community to aid in job placement and career advancement.

MBA program was approved by Ministry of Education.

Retained by an international university to develop its first strategic plan to realize future growth goals

  • Conducted focus groups with faculty, administration and students and used results to develop the university's vision and mission statement.
  • Developed a SWOT analysis based on focus group findings, validating through a survey of all students and faculty.
  • Created a multi-year plan with timelines and accountability targeting the overall objectives of improving academics, research and community involvement.
  • Developed a detailed budget to execute the strategic plan and measurement criteria to validate its success.
  • Presented new plan to faculty, administration and student leadership to gain their support and ensure operational alignment with university objectives.

Proposed the strategic plan to the Board of Directors and received approval to implement.

Engaged by an international community college seeking to more effectively meet changing labor market needs

  • Surveyed the labor market and identified targeted and eligible industries that had unmet needs.
  • Developed a differentiated product offering, with a greater focus on technology and innovation as compared to regional competitors.
  • Identified populations of potential students for targeted marketing initiatives.
  • Customized programs for high school graduates and as well as part-time/continuing education for current workers.
  • Retained experts from local businesses to bring real-world experience to classrooms.
  • Created meaningful linkages to local businesses to ensure student placement after graduation and a piloted a program to receive matching funds from local businesses.

Initial program was a success and client is now expanding to other cities.